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ABOUT Akasha Academics

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

~Nelson Mandela

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We believe that with the proper tools, preparation and mindset, every child has the potential for academic success.

Akasha Academics was founded in 2014 with the dream of changing education for the better. By moving students from a traditional classroom to a comfortable home-based setting, we provide a more effective learning experience for your child.  We offer personalized virtual school instruction with a curriculum that is designed for each student's needs and is strictly monitored.

Akasha does not look like any tutoring room or classroom you have ever seen.

In brief, there are currently four unique learning areas.

Additionally, each learning area has an individual theme and a comfortable setting.

Furthermore, we take great care to provide students with the best experience, whether students are here for virtual school, homework help, test prep, or private tutoring.

As a matter of fact, our teachers and tutors are passionate about education. They followed their hearts, wanting to benefit students in a unique and personalized way. Whether your children go to a traditional school, homeschool or virtual school, Akasha can provide support to fit their academic needs.

The owner and operator of Akasha, Melissa Berman has the experience and the heart to help your child succeed.

Melissa is an educator with over 20 years of teaching experience in elementary through College students and has built Akasha over the past twelve years, and was named Teacher of the Year at her Middle school in 2009, and in 2011 she was named Broward County Middle School Math Teacher of the Year.

Moreover, she has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s Degree in the Science of Teaching Mathematics through the National Science Foundation (NSF) in partnership with Florida Atlantic University.

In conclusion, her fun and energetic personality is what allows her to relate to her students and get them excited to learn, and is dedicated full-time to Akasha Academics.

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